Monday, August 16, 2010

Our IF's

So we're moving right along on this surrogacy journey. We met the most amazing intended daddies! J & T are really great men and they are going to be the best fathers. We were so nervous to meet them. They just happened to be flying into Denver from London to meet up with some family and Utah is so close they decided to just pop over for the day. We had a great conversation at our house and then went out to lunch before they had to fly back to Denver. I've read other surrogates say when you meet the right IP's you just know and for both Ash and I we just knew that J & T were the fathers she was meant to carry for.

Now we're just waiting for contracts and for Ash's medical screening in CT next month. Things are going to start moving along quickly after that. Now lets just hope everything goes well with the medications and the transfer and we have a big fat positive on the first try.

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