Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Late transfer & other crappy news

I'm frustrated! I'm so not a patient person! We were given a 5 day window, we made plans based on this window. We have child care lined up, Ash's mom is driving up from AZ to take care of Emma while we're gone, we were hoping and planning to be heading out tomorrow at the latest. It turns out the ED is progressing slowly. She is a prolific producer as they are counting 11+ follicles in each ovary which is 22+ possibilities of getting knocked up within the next few months (if it doesn't happen this first time).  It looks like the retrieval could be as late as Saturday which means we won't be heading out of here until Monday for a Tuesday or Thursday transfer. We're hoping she triggers Wednesday for a Friday retrieval.

That was the first paragraph I wrote this morning.... before I got a frantic text from Ashley saying her mom wants to take Emma to AZ with her because she has to work one of the days we need her. That's not going to happen, Ash's mom's live in long term boyfriend is soooo disgustingly homophobic that we're not welcome around him.  How in the hell would we let our child go there. So anyways, my oldest daughter is going to switch her work schedule around and watch Emma for us so it's all good!  It's sad really, Ash never wanted to ask her mom to come watch Emma, she was too afraid of being let down by a mother that she's never been able to count on and I pushed her to ask and now I'm kicking myself in the ass.  I really thought we had gotten past the bull crap but obviously we have not.

Anyways, tomorrow we should find out if the ED is ready for her trigger shot. Please dear god let her be ready, I have to be back in town before next Thursday.

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Mark said...

Fingers crossed!