Friday, March 18, 2011

Third and final beta

Our third and final beta...... 244! We went from a 69 to 244 in 2 days! We've been given our instructions for the next couple weeks until our first ultrasound on April 1st.  I think it's just 1 little bean in there but you never know, it could be 2.  We can't decide if we should play an April 1st prank on the boys and tell them it's 3, what do you think? They both have a great sense of humor so I think they would think it was funny.  Speaking of them, they are so excited.  They have signed up for every pregnancy newsletter & baby ticker info that you can find.  They so want to be a part of everything.  I wish they were closer so they could really go through everything with us. I'm journaling everything that happens in an art journal I'm making for them as a gift after the baby is born but it will all be after the fact.  I'm really hesitant about sharing this blog with them as it's my place to write and vent and what if i need to vent about personal stuff that they don't need to know about. I may need to make another blog just for them that we can upload belly pics and stuff too.

On a completely different note, my son is over halfway done with his deployment! I can't wait until my little man comes home. He'll be turning 21 over there and I learned a cool way to send cakes that stay pretty fresh so I'll be whipping up a couple for him and sending them over around April 1st, hopefully he'll get them around his birthday.  Hopefully he'll get them period! Last night the channel I was watching kept airing a commercial about a show about surprise homecomings and I cried every time it came on.  I swear it's crazy I can be happy as a clam and the next minute tears are streaming down my face until the commercial is over and then I'm back to happy as a clam.  The same thing happens with anyone sends me emails or FB things about the military or homecomings.  My DIL got a phone call from him last night and I'm so happy for her, we weren't sure if there would be any phone calls for 45+ days as he's out in the field. I heard from him last while we were in CT at the transfer.  It was so good to hear his voice. I can't wait until I can hear it in person.


Jeni said...

Great news ladies!!! :-) I personally say no April Fools jokes involving children. I have a pretty kick-ass sense of humor, but don't mess with my children, ya know? :-) Soooo excited for you guys!!!

Jeff and Kevin said...

Two days ago in our consult our RE said that if the betas more than doubled over two days it could be a sign of twins!
Jeff would have a heart attack if that joke were played on him. Hmmmmm....

paradykes said...

J & T (our IF's) would love twins and they are still holding out hope that there are two little peanuts nestled down deep in Ash's uterus for the next 35 weeks.

braejuma said...

Hi ladies!
Just read your whole blog to understand your situation (as I was confused by the I get it lol). Congrats on the pregnancy! Thats so awesome...what a way to pay it forward!!! Good luck! Ill be following along! Thanks for following mine too!!!

Anonymous said...

Woot! What a great beta!!

I think the idea of a blog to share stuff is nice, but agree that making a second blog would be better. You could just cut and paste the stuff you don't mind sharing. Might be nice to keep this as a safe space for you.

(Also, just tried to comment and it went wacky so I had to rewrite it. So if you get two very similar comments from me, that's why!!)