Monday, April 25, 2011

Best News EVER!!

Today is bittersweet, it's my sons 21st birthday and I'm missing it. I've been glued to my phone all day because yesterday we talked for a couple minutes on Skype and he told me he was going to call me today. These days are always the hardest because I'm paranoid about missing his call and heartbroken if I don't get it. BUT!!! My amazing daughter in law informed me today that there is an actual official window for his return.  My heart about went through the roof when she told me. We knew approximately when but this is official. I can't post dates but it's safe to say sometime in the second half of May.

In the mean time I have to get by with a picture she sent me of him while they chatted on Skype. This is the first time I've seen his face since he left last year. Because of his job he's usually out in the field so showers are hard to come by as evidenced by the mucky muck on his face. He was heading into a base today and was really looking forward to a hot shower and a hot meal.  If you've ever considered sending a package to any service member in combat remember baby wipes are invaluable to these guys, there are many many soldiers that would love even just a letter. If you're interested check out


Ron said...

Thanks for the information. I hope you get to talk to your son and he returns home safe and sound soon.

Domestics said...

It's awesome that your son is coming home! A happy bday and thank you for serving our country to him.

Mark said...

Did you ever see News segments where soldiers come home early and surprise their families? Don't you cry everytime? m.