Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just when I thought my week couldn't get worse, Emma woke up throwing up everywhere this morning.  Ash was so sick she came home from work this morning and thank god she did because I don't deal well with puke.  I am a sympathy puker, all it takes is a whiff and I'm heaving. We have an unwritten understanding that I will handle everything gross except puke. I clean up poop, pee, blood, and squish spiders, she takes care of puke. At least now we know that Ash being so sick is due to a bug and not just morning sickness. The downside of that is I can expect to be getting the same any day now. 

This afternoon I got the best news I've heard in 6 months! My son got his return dates and it's only several weeks away. I can't write dates as it beaks some security rules.  After being so down this week, missing him like crazy, today was the ultimate pick me up. I'll get to see his smiling face, his dark eyes, his adorable crazy uni-brow in no time at all.

This kids coming home soon!


Jeni said...

Bad news, good news!! Puke is THE WORST!!!! So wonderful that your son is coming home!!!!

Mark said...

See, it ended on a high note!
But for the love of God, help him out with that uni-brow.
Your Friend, m.