Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I quit my job today! It feels good! I'm so happy that I don't have to deal with crappy management styles any longer. I told my director that if the Regional Manager changes, I would be happy to come back.  It's kinda weird because Ash and I both work for this company and we kinda interchange who goes when.  We used to work together until Emma was born, now I pretty much stay home and Ash covers my "work" in the field. My Regional manager mouthed off to my director about it after talking to me yesterday in the field like we were best friends. It made me so mad that I called and gave my notice and just for good measure, Ash did too.  Dang, I'm almost unemployed (I did give 2 weeks) I think I like this.


braejuma said...

Thats gotta be stressful but wonderful all at the same time! I guess this means you have more time together as a family anyway! Good for you for standing up for yourself! Take care!!!

Mark said...

Oh girl, I hope you have a plan. I would be afraid to be out of a job in this Market. Fred always stands up to injustice. And I tell him, just because you're right, doesn't mean you have to make a stand. Especially when it comes to our employment. Good luck!
Your Friend, m.

Krystal said...

My goodness! Good for you both standing up! I hope everything works out for y'all.