Monday, July 18, 2011

The British are Coming!!!

Today our IF's will be here and I'm excited to see them again but I'm also nervous as hell.  I always get nervous when they come to our house, is it clean enough, is it organized enough, what will they think, it drives me crazy to be so self conscience.  It's not like they are gonna go well, I see a smidgen of dust of your window sill and fingerprints of your windows ummmm we don't want you to have our baby anymore you dirty dirty pigs. (Yes, I have issues lol)  

We have so much planned with them, a day full of appointments tomorrow first our big anatomical 3d Ultrasound, then a meeting with our midwife, then a tour of the hospital Ash will deliver at (which we are the 1st surrogate birth at the facility) then an appt with our doula.  Nothing like cramming a weeks worth of appointments into 1 day.  On Wednesday we've planned a day trip to Park City with them to visit the Utah Olympic center and museum and hopefully talk them into going on a zip line down the mountain.  Ash and I have done the zip lines and they were so much fun.  There is also a cool alpine slide down the mountain that would be fun for them. 

This afternoon when they get here I have no idea what we'll do, I have nothing planned at all.  I'm hoping just to visit and relax here at home and maybe just maybe if they are lucky (and Ash drinks a coffee) they will be able to feel little baby TJ move.  I've felt him several times and I hope they will be able to also.  Ash said the other day her baby bump is still so small that they are going to feel jipped!  I see pics of other peoples 22 week bellies and Ash looks like she has a little pudgy belly in comparison it's kinda funny.  She was the same way with Emma though. 

OK, I'm off to vacuum one more time and wipe those finger prints off the damn window for the 6 millionth time. 


Anonymous said...

LOL, you are SOOO cute! They are going to be too taken with you guys that they won't even notice anything else. What an amazing journey you are all on together!!!

Babydreams2011 said...

YAY!!! You guys are gonna have a wonderful time and be so busy they won't have time to look for any mess (just store it all under the bed or in a closet that's what I would do, HA!) Where's the baby bump pic?!

Jeni said...

Have a great time! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for nice big kicks from baby for his daddies!!!

Andrea said...

yea, what Tonya said--we want belly pictures!!

Can't wait to hear all about the guys' visit. FUN!!

Mark said...

Sorry, didnt' see this until today. I hope that you're surviving and have taken time to relax. You did clean the toilets, right???

Krystal said...

I third that, where's the belly pics?!
Sounds like you all are gonna have a good time w/ your IPs, can't wait to hear all about it.

witchywoman said...

I think what you and Ash are doing is absolutely amazing and I am proud to call you my of these days you'll have to get up my way, or Bob & I will come down that way, either or, but I can't wait to meet all three of you! Stay well!!