Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New stuff

I am an avid journal ummm lets say owner because I don't write in one as often as I should anymore but I buy them all the time. I'll see one that I like and I have to have it because I may just start to journal again. So my favorites are ones that are Coptic stitched so that it will lay flat no matter what page I'm on and ones that are made with unlined heavy weight paper so I can draw or watercolor if I'm in the mood. I love trying to make new things so I taught myself how to hand bind a journal using a Coptic stitch and I love it. I sent a few of my first ones with my daughters and grand daughter when they left last month for their 2 month long sabbatical across the West coast in hopes that they would document their awesome journey. They were ok, not fabulous but now I've got several more under my belt and I'm ready to put one on etsy.

And 2 new same sex wedding cards


Anonymous said...

I love them! I also wanted to tell you that we were inspired by your example and have decided to donate in order to help another same sex couple become parents!

paradykes said...

Isn't it amazing to give back. Everyone that wants to be a parent deserves that chance no matter what their sexual orientation is. Way to go Mike and Tony! You guys are awesome!!!