Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not a good waiter!

So..... I know, I know who starts a post with So..... I do it's annoying I'm sorry it's just how I work. And this is just a bunch of rambling, you've been warned.

I can't stand waiting! We are 4 DPO and I'm watching Ash like a hawk. I want this to be as quick and easy as the IVF was but I know it's highly unlikely and we're probably going to be doing this crap for months. Not that it's such a horrible thing, but really the less times i need to don my gas mask and gloves so as not to vomit the better. 

What if Ash is offered a job and has to be there in a month? Do we just give up? Do we try to insem long distance style? We tried that once before and it sucked! Driving 10 hours to be in the same city as our donor at the drop of a hat was really no fun. Now we would be 14 hours away and have a 2 year old traveling along with us and Ash at a new job with no time off. Thanks but no!

So, anyone have suggestions on places that are "friendly" in the Portland area? We're hoping that Ash lands a job somewhere close to Portland so we're hoping to find an area within an hour drive any direction.  We have looked at troutville (i think that's what is was called), scappoose, (because well, it sounds like pooseee and yes, we thought it was funny, don't judge us) and Beaverton all near Portland. Seriously, who has this many lezzie sounding towns within a 30 mile radius?


braejuma said...

Holy crap I was laughing so hard at that post. Mostly because I still laugh at the post where you describe the process of the home sem ( smell is gross, even for those of us who reside with a man lol). And then when you said poosee...I got to Beaverton and was roflmao, before you made mention of how many lezzie sounding towns there are. Ill never see Oregon the same lol.

Kelli said...

I have no suggestions, but I have to agree with Darshan and say that this post is pretty funny! What is the deal with Oregon? :)

Halley p said...

Portland itself was rsted 8 of the les I friendly cities.. we are in Salem and I like it, friendly but not out there cazy gay

Life on Prescott Street said...

You are so funny... we missed our window this month so I am jealous that you even get to have a tww... hopefully good news will come soon!