Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still here

We're still here, we're still preggy but that ticker up there is all jacked up! We had a Dr appt this past week and from the actual conception dates and the ultrasound we were about a week to early to actually see a heart beat but we kinda knew that we'd be too early.  We have another appointment set up for 2 weeks to make sure all is well in baby land.  On a somewhat positive note, this is definitely a healthy pregnancy because guess who is already getting hit with waves and waves of......... you guessed it f'n morning sickness! Really, do you think we could catch a break here! I mean could we just have 1 pregnancy where Ash allows me to cook in the house??? Is that too much to ask for Universe? It's really not to the medication point yet but it's getting there but to me that just sings out that all is well!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, we appreciate it so very much.  It's kinda funny because you all know, the universe knows but we've only told very few IRL people.  My other kids know, a couple close friends but not our families.  We've been waiting until we're a little further along.  We're trying to figure out a super cute way to tell them all. 

We took Emma and Marley to see The Lorax today and holy crap if you haven't seen it already GO SEE IT!!  I don't even care if you have kids old enough or young enough to see it, it is that cute. 


braejuma said...

Glad to hear all is well!!!
A couple ideas for you to tell the could make a meal for them that includes everything baby " baby back ribs, baby carrots, etc...
You can put a bun in the oven and tell someone to check on wht you have baking and when they open it they will see a bun lol thats what my friend did with her husband.

Mark said...

That's good news.
Good luck with telling everyone.
My Mom took all four kids to see that movie yesterday. They said they liked it. I was just happy with 2 hours to myself!

A baby for you said...

Bummer for the morning sickness!! Hope Ash feels better very soon and you can spoil her with food.

Doug and Bill said...

You guys are baby making machines! Good luck with the next appointment. Can't wait to hear more.

CoffeeBlue said...

Thanks for stopping my my blog and for the sweet comments. Congratulations on this newest little bean. I'm excited to follow along :)