Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And we're off

Well we are off to the races, or rather the dreaded 2 week wait :( We did our first insem on Saturday but because of this strange shipping/timing issue we were a day early. Hopefully next month ovulation won't happen on a Sunday or Monday. We didn't think the timing would be such a pain as we were used to just calling up and saying we're ready then bodda bing bodda boom we'd meet in a parking lot for the "hand off" a couple times a month. I was always afraid a police officer would see us meeting up in the parking lot and him handing us a little something something through open windows and think it was a drug deal.  I can see it now.

Officer: Ma'am can you tell me what was handed to you from the other car
Me: ahhh it's not what you think Sir
Officer: Ma'am you'll need to hand it over
Me: ahhhh it's not what you think and ahhh it's not easily accessible but.... here you go
Officer: oh Jesus Mary and Joseph I'm taking you to jail
Me: Ok but can you give me a few minutes to knock up my wife :D

Since we're pretty sure our timing was off and this being our first go at it we're pretty sure we missed out this month but it was a good trial run with getting the shipment here.

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