Sunday, October 26, 2008

We Found a Donor

We finally found a local donor to work with us in our quest for a baby. He's a nice guy, not super model hot but not hideous or ugly. What matters is he had a great sperm count and he's really smart and he fits the guidelines we had set, blonde hair, blue eyes, not too tall, high intelligence and a great family health history. We did our first insemination with him on Thursday with a follow up on Saturday. Ash isn't very hopefull about this month but I'll keep my fingers crossed that it took because seriously, doing the inseminations at home instead of the dr doing them is disgusting.

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Doug Rigg said...

I went back and read your first post and I'm laughing about the home insems. Now that we're finally pregnant I can look back at them and KIND OF laugh. But for the most part I found them to be humiliating and just a little creepy. You are so luck it worked pretty quick...we went through two surrogates and I had to do the deed ten times! It was miserable but it worked. Read your last post too, and hope Ash is doing ok...that kinda choked me up! Glad you guys are going away for a while...take care!!