Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's in a title

Sometimes I get stuck when it comes to titles when I'm referring to Ash. I've always just called her my wife to people that know us. Sometimes I have to introduce her to people that don't know us that well and I get stuck. If I call her my partner it sounds like she's my work partner. Mainly because yes, we do work together and what if people really just think we're co-workers. On formal documents, she's my domestic partner which is just too much to say if I'm introducing her and really I hate the sound of domestic partner, I don't know why it just sounds demeaning. It makes me think of the two of us scrubbing toilets together and really as tough as she is, she wouldn't scrub a toilet if her life depended on it. (ok, she really would if I asked but not happily)

We were planning on a trip to Cali to get married in March because never in a million years did I think Prop 8 would pass but I guess we'll have to wait. If we had gone then I'd have no problem introducing Ash as my wife to everyone I saw. I would be telling strangers on the corner. But now i'm stuck on what to call her? What's politically correct and meaningful all at the same time?

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