Monday, April 20, 2009


What a word! What an amazing thing it is to see these two little lines instead of just one. It's for sure, we are pregnant. Well, Ash is pregnant I'm just along for the ride I guess. We're due November 17th and we couldn't be happier. Unfortunately Ash is sick as a dog! She seriously does not like being pregnant YET! I keep telling her it will all get better we just have to get past the first 12 weeks. I know morning sickness can last longer than that but we're not telling Ash because she's very easily what's the word, convinced that if she reads or hears things that can happen they are happening to her and really 98% of it is in her head. She admits it's best to just not tell her things that can happen. Like for example the dark patches of skin that some women get on the face later in pregnancy, she read about it and is positive she's already getting dark spots. She's not, her skin is exactly like it was 3 month's ago. It's something I love about her. She's not gullible she's just believing and it's adorable. She would hate for anyone to think she's adorable that's not a very butch thing to be but I think she is and I can't wait to see her with a preggy belly.

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