Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from CT

We are back from CT and I must say Emma is an amazing traveler! Ash and I were so worried about putting her on a plane for 5 hours. Honestly she was amazing, she didn't cry or throw a single fit.  She loved taking the train into NYC and she loved the subway.  I think it must have been all the people and the motion that just lulled her into her happy place. 

The only issue we had the whole trip was from some uptight busy body bitch in the hotel restaurant that gave us a dirty look when Emma cried because she hit her mouth on the table.  I seriously dislike people like that, I could care less if you're tired from meetings all day bitchy business lady, I'm a mother trying to feed a very hungry baby who just flew across the country, took a long ride in a very scary shuttle and I don't need your snide comments about having a baby in a "nice" restaurant. It's a Holiday Inn last time I checked just because dinner costs you 80 bucks doesn't mean it's a "nice" restaurant, it means it's the only damn thing open so they can charge whatever they want. Ok my vent is over.........

We had so much fun walking around NYC (ok, my feet are telling me i'm a liar). We tried to pack as much in to the day as we possibly could and I think we did a pretty good job.  We started at Penn Station and we were going to take the subway to Battery Park but we didn't know what exit we needed (ummmm the battery park one dumb ass, yes now I know) so we exited on Canal Street and walked and walked and walked and walked but we saw everything we wanted to see.  Ground Zero, St. Pauls Chapel, Trinity Church, Wall Street, Battery Park, we rode the Statin Island ferry, and walked all over Central Park.  We even saw Madonna directing a movie there. 

After all that adventure we met J & T, our IF's at the Central Park Zoo and sat and talked and talked and talked until Ash and I had to return to Penn station to catch our train back to CT.  We found out that this journey is going to take a little longer than we had expected because the egg donor they have chosen has not gone for her medical screening yet and that takes about 5 - 6 weeks to get the results back on. 

All in all we had an amazing time and can't wait to go back for the transfer hopefully in December or January.

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