Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Emma is turning 1

Holy hell where did this past year go?  Seriously I'm shitting myself thinking where the hell did I lose a year.  Our baby girl is going to be 1 in just a few weeks. 

So wierdness happened...... we got a email from our "known" but anonymous donor whom we have an anonymous agreement with that he's told his parents about Emma and showed them pictures and video that we have on youtube for Ash's family who live in TX.  What the fuck.......... this was just outta the blue.  He never wanted anyone to know because his fam is this big mormon family here.  He's creeping me out and there is nothing we can do because although we have an anon sperm donor agreement we did said inseminations at home so it basically makes it void somehow.  I don't know how the law works exactly other than if we had had the doc to the insems he would be no issue because he turned his junk over to a dr but because I did the insem it makes it i duuno an issue if the dumb ass decides that now he wants to play daddy.  I'm moving my family far far away!

We really just need to move to where I can do a second parent adoption! 

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