Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fabulous Weekend

This past weekend was amazing!  On Saturday Ash and I hosted a huge party at our house in honor of my son and it was a smashing success if I do say so myself.  This is the first real party we've hosted at our home so it was quite a feat to pull off but it was so worth it.  My dad and brother in law helped me and Ash plaster the area with flags which was such an awesome site for anyone driving by.  I still have a 20 ft flag pole up in the front with a US flag and below that a Marine Corp flag that I'm going to leave up until my son comes home from deployment.  I'm also working on a giant yellow ribbon/bow for a big pine tree that I have in the front yard.  We ended up having well over 50 people show up to the party and most stayed until it was too dark and cold to stay outside anymore even with the fire pit going.  I'm so pleased at the love and support my son has from all of his family and friends.  I hope that when he's missing home he will think back on the fun things we've done these last 10 days and not be so homesick.  I've got 2 more days with him and then he'll head back to California to prepare for deployment.  I can't stand to think of how quite the house will be with him and Chels not here.  It breaks my heart to think of Chels being there alone without him for 6 months.  I know she has friends there but it's heartbreaking to not be with the one you love. 

Speaking of not being with loved ones and being lonely I found the most amazing organization today called www.anysoldier.com  if anyone is reading this please check it out and send a box of love to a soldier that is fighting for our freedom.  When you read the items some of the soldiers want it really breaks your heart.  Things as simple as some chap stick, deodorant, soap, soup, a pair of new socks or playing cards or blank greeting cards to send home to loved ones, children or spouses.  The postage isn't that much because you're only sending to the East Coast or West Coast and not overseas.  My goal is to send out at least 1 box a week in addition to whatever I send my son.  Hopefully I can get some donations from some local stores and really get some boxes out before the holidays.  It breaks my heart that these men and women are fighting for our freedom and they can't even get soap or shampoo to wash with. 

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