Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big White Buses

Today I hate white buses, in  6 to 7 months I will love them, but today and until the day those buses bring my son home I will hate them.

Ash and I spent the weekend in 29 Palms California at the Marine base.  I know it sounds all glamorous ohhhh 29 Palms yes doll it was amazing and beautiful...... but really it's a rotting shit hole of what may have once been just a shit hole of a city  (sorry to anyone that lives there).  I don't know that anyone actually lives there on purpose, it's got to be a big mistake of some sort.  The 29 Palms Base is not so bad, it's an old military installation set in the middle of no where with sand everywhere.  We were fortunate enough to be able to stay on base with my son and his wife and be there when he left.  I felt a little like an intruder in their personal time together but being able to see him off and tell him over and over how much I love him put my heart and mind at ease. 

Does anyone else believe in karma and omens and spirit guides and guardian angels and the like (if you don't fuck off because i don't want you to rain on my parade here) I was taking pictures all night of my son and his company and when I uploaded a few of the pics to FB one of my friends sent me an email asking if it was raining while I was taking the pictures and/or if I noticed all the orbs in some of the pics surrounding the guys.  I opened them up in my viewer and sure as shit there are some awesome orbs on some of the shots.  I truly believe these orbs are guardian angels protecting my son and his company.

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CJ said...

I've seen some interesting orbs in pics and do believe they are more than just some sort of photo processing anomaly. I thank your son for his service. You must be quite proud.