Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Hope Tree

My Christmas tree is up!!!  My mood is up! When Ash first put the tree up i had a little anxiety and took a nap or something like that.... We did a little shopping, ate some chinese and visited my sister and we came home and put up the decorations. 

I decided on my pink and brown tree decorations with silver accents that all say hope.  I love this tree, I made most of the decorations a couple of years ago and have been adding a few things to it every year.  Hidden on the branches, deep in the back are mirrors that reflect the white lights, and hanging from the garland are shimmery jewels that shine and attract the eye.  I've got a few special ornaments that i've purchased but most are handmade.


Mark said...

Very pretty. I love pink and brown together. In fact, I love brown with anything but pink with brown is a very mature "girl" color. I may do Claire's room in those colors one day.
Take care.
Your Friend, m.

paradykes said...

Thank you Mark, I love the colors together also. I hope to one day to Emma's room in Tiffany blue and deep chcolate brown. My partner thinks it's too grown up for a baby girl so i might have to wait until she's a little older. Right now her room is a hodge podge of pinks and purples and browns.

Jude said...

That's a beautiful tree! Love all the ornaments.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! And the mirror idea is awesome.