Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Question

Is it just me or does everyone make sure that each of your children have the same amount of presents to open?  I spend the same amount on each of my kids and try to make sure that they each have the same amount of presents to open.  How do you other families do it?  I think my parents tried to do the same when we were growing up but damn it gets hard when you have kids that range in age from 21 to 1.  We're not making sure Emma has the same, she's a little too young yet to care much about anything but eating my tree decorations (she's fond of my glitter ornaments, she's found out if she's quick she can get an ornament and pop most of it in her mouth before anyone can see her).  We're sending Matt's Christmas to Afghanistan so he's not really in the mix this year but I'm stressing over my 21 year old who doesn't like to celebrate Christmas because it's too commercialized so she makes everyone gifts and wants no gifts in return (ya, like that'll happen) and my 17 year old who wants things like sharpies........

This year we're also doing a new tradition.  We usually exchange 1 gift on Christmas eve everyone gets pajamas and we all take pics.  This year we picked names out of a hat and we're having a contest to see who gets the ugliest jammies.  I think it'll be fun.  We're also going to do a scavenger hunt for some of the kids presents.  We are trying to think of fun things to do (not that Christmas isn't fun enough) but Madeline (my 17 year old) lives in Oregon with her dad so she won't get here until Christmas evening this year so we want to have fun playing that night instead of just opening presents.

Oh ya, and my wife is the best and bought me a new coffee maker!

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