Thursday, December 9, 2010

People say the stupidist things..........

Ash just got home from work and was perplexed by the ridiculous questions she was asked today. 

Since Emma has two moms is she going to be doubly girly?
Ummmmmm What kind of Moran would ask this question?  Seriously hellooooooo

Are you  a homophobe?
Are you freaking kidding me, the person was confused beyond confusion because she knows Ash is a homo!

So you have a kid right......... how did that work (with a stupid confused face)
Ash's answer.... well you see there was this egg and then it met some sperm and bingo bango we had a baby. Dude was a jack ass who just asks a stranger at work a question like that.  It's not like Ash is on the bottom of the totum pole either so I don't understand why you'd ask someone that could and probably would get you fired that kind of question.  Dumb Ass!

Fucking Morons!

On the very positive side of things, we did find out Ash will be changing shifts and not be working swing shift anymore!  I can't wait to have her home with me every night. Emma is getting old enough that she'll start remembering that we eat every day as a family and that meal time is where we can have fun and talk about everything that's happened during our day.  I'm sooooo excited.

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