Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Houston We Have Lift Off!!

Or in other words.............. We have our IVF timeline!!! 

When Ash and I first met our Intended Fathers (IF's) for our surrogacy we felt that it was fate that pushed and pulled the stars to align and for them to be in the US at the exact time we reviewed their profiles and beyond that to one of the fathers has a sister named.... Emma! Well fate has pushed and pulled the stars into perfect alignment again in regards to our journey and we will be transferring hopefully 2 perfect embryos February 21st -25th  which is the same period that Emma was conceived 2 years ago.  We found out Ash was pregnant on our anniversary March 19th which will be approximately when I'm hoping we will be telling J & T that they have 9 months to prepare to be the most amazing fathers that we know they will be!


Lauren said...

How exciting!!!

Mark said...

Fingers crossed!
Your Freind, m.

Anonymous said...

Hi, first time visitor here. I love the name of your blog! Congrats on moving with IVF!