Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2nd IVF Check Up

Today Ash had her 2nd appointment with the RE to check that her lining was good and ready for the transfer. Usually at this point they want the lining thickness around a 7 and Ash is at an 8 so we're soooo excited, her body is responding great to the medications.  We are getting so close to transfer, only another week and a half or so depending on how the egg donor is responding to her meds.  We were a little worried about how Ash would handle all these hormones, while we were TTC Emma and using Clomid her emotions were everywhere and that is just not my wife.  I thought things would be about the same with the Lupron and mass quantities of Estrogen they have her taking but so far she's just a little angry/annoyed at just about everything.  Hopefully that's as bad as it will get. 

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