Monday, February 7, 2011

Is a vacation with kids really a vacation?

This past week Ash and I headed to Lava Hot Springs about 2 hours from where we live for an amazing relaxing 2 night 3 day vacation with Emma and Marley (my grand daughter).  Lava is the place where Ash and I go when we've ever needed to recharge ourselves or our relationship.  This is the first time we've taken kids.......... I made reservations at a new to us hotel that was having a great special and there was a giant mineral tub in our room.  We packed the kids, the portacrib, the 5 bags that you have to take when you have kids as opposed to the overnight bag with just swimsuits in it in case we hit the public pools that we used to take. 3 hours later (after packing and shopping) we're on the road.  By now i'm tired, a bit pissy and can't wait to get there.  We check in, our room is ultra tiny, 2 queen beds, a 1970's style TV, and a tiny table in the corner and what should have been a kitchenette but was just a mini fridge and a microwave. No  biggie, we're here for the mineral tub so we suit up everyone and start filling this monstrosity of a tub, it feels amazing, the kids have a ball playing in it so we hang out until we've all turned into prunes.  Filling the tub with the hot water heated up our room to resemble a sweat shop and because the room is heated with the natural hot water that flows in this town you can't turn the heat down so our room just gets hotter and hotter. We ended up opening a window and turning the tiny window AC on so we could all sleep.  Now multiply this by 1 more night and 2 more days.........  I need a vacation from my vacation.  2 kids under 5 in a tiny room (the town is tiny with nothing for kids to do in the winter when it's only 12 degrees out) the temperature of a sweatshop and nothing else to do is no vacation!

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Mark said...

Um, yeah! Agreed! That's not very relaxing. At least they had each other to play with, right?
Your Friend, m.