Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're home!

We are home from New York and have had a crazy but amazing week.  We got to our hotel in CT late Sunday night after a crazy drive from JFK.  I can honestly say I never want to drive in New York or CT again.  People were in such a hurry, the speed limit must have only been a long ago suggestion because it said 55, I was doing 65 in the slow lane and getting passed like I wasn't even moving.  It was a little frightening.  I mean, I lived in Phoenix for 11 years, and I thought people there drove like shit but New York and CT drivers take the frickin cake!  So anyways, the embryos weren't ready on Monday for a 3 day transfer so we scheduled the 5 day transfer for Wednesday.  We spent lots of time with the IF's and had so much fun.  We have really come to care about them so much.  I can't wait until they are handed one or two newborn babies :D  On Tuesday Ash and I drove into New York City (ya, not so smart) parked the car and spent several hours in the Natural History Museum and then took the subway down to China town for a late dim sum lunch which was yummy.  We caught the wrong train on the way back and ended up in Harlem.  It was quite the adventure.   On Wednesday morning bright and early we met J & T at the IVF clinic and transferred a perfect blastocyst of J's and an almost blast of T's.  Everything went very smooth so we're hoping it'll stick.  The boys were adorable and emotional (ok, we all were). We had a late breakfast on the way back to the hotel and the boys headed off to get ready to fly back home.  Ash spent the rest of the day/night in bed.  They said bed rest isn't necessary but anything we can do to keep those embryos up where they need to be will be done.  Ash will be on bed rest all weekend if i have my way!  It's going to be near impossible to wait until the beta on the 11th.  I think we might POAS next week sometime.  We'll try to wait as long as possible. 


Anonymous said...

God, the wait to POAS is so agonizing, isn't it?? Hope those embryos and settling in and getting cozy. Maybe decorating the place with some IKEA goods.

Jeff and Kevin said...

You two are AWESOME. Good luck!

Mark said...

Welcome home!
I wish that somebody would put me on "bed rest".
Your Friend, m.

C.I.W. said...

HOLY CRAP!!!! This is all happening!!!! EEEPPPPP!!!!!!