Monday, June 13, 2011


I know, I suck at having a blog lately.  Life has been busy around these parts.  

First and foremost, my son came home from Afghanistan! Thank god, I can rest again. He seems to be doing very well. He lost a lot of weight but I'm sure with his wife's good cooking he'll get some meat on his bones again. 

The weekend after he returned Ashley's mom came for a visit. Now usually these trips are quite stressful for me and Ash but seriously this was an amazing visit. No tension, no stress, we really had a good time.  We cooked and laughed and ate and shopped and talked and just had fun.  The last time her family was here was really hard for me as I was disregarded and treated like the cook and housekeeper so I was unsure how this trip would go but I was happily surprised.  I think my post on FB thanking my family for how amazingly they accepted Ashley and the way they love her opened her eyes.

The next weekend was Pride!!! We had so much fun.  You would think Utah wouldn't have such a great Pride but we do.  The Pride parade is the 2nd largest parade in Utah! On Sunday after the parade I read that there were 30,000 people at the festival. I made Emma's shirt for Pride, the front says I love my Ma & Momma and the back says All Families Matter with a cute rainbow.  We got many many compliments on it. 

Ash is starting to feel a bit better, she's able to drink fluids again without throwing up.  Right now she is on a sweet tea kick drinking half a gallon a day which is fine with me as at least it gets fluids down her which means no more IV fluids.  Friday marked the beginning of her 17th week.  She is finally starting to look pregnant instead of just constipated. She didn't show much with Emma either. I've stocked up on Bio-Oil and have started the daily belly rubs. That stuff is amazing for itchy stretching bellies. We have another OB appt this week and can't wait to see J & T's little peanut again. They are planning a trip here for the anatomical scan (usually done at 20 weeks, our Dr does it at 22 weeks). We are looking forward to spending some time with them again. 


Doug R said...

i love the utah has a pride parade and it's the second largest in utah! having been baptized a mormon (yes, i know) i somehow have hope that they'll come around one day. should i not hold my breath!? nice belly pics and cool shirt! :-)

paradykes said...

Utah pride is an amazing event given the fact that this is Utah. We only had half a dozen picketers this year :) I wouldn't hold my breath on the coming around thing though, I don't see the LDS church ever welcoming gays into the fold. I would love to see it happen though. Just as soon as you guys are expecting I'll make you a shirt proclaiming my daddies rock or something equally as fun!

Kelly & Her Uterus said...

Her shirt is adorable and so is the belly! ;)