Friday, August 19, 2011


I know I'm a blogging slacker but it's been a crazy week or so.

Ash had a Dr appointment today and it went great.  Baby TJ is growing exactly on target which is cool.  I can't believe she's already 27 weeks!  This was the first appointment where Ash actually gained weight instead of losing it.  She's starting to feel much better.  She craves the funniest foods.  With Emma she craved sweets, anything sweet would work but her fav was rice crispy treats. She ate one almost every day. This time its crispy bean burritos and cherry Pepsi.  She had given up all caffeine before she got pregnant and then not too long ago she started drinking tons of sweet tea and then it moved to NEEDING a cherry Pepsi.  It's so cute. 

Soooooooo (yes, you all know my love of the word soooooooo) when the boys were here they decided they didn't want to know the sex of the baby before birth.  Today during the ultrasound i saw what the baby is.  I can't write it here, they don't know this blog exists but just in case I can't write it.  What if they stumbled upon it for some strange reason.  So now I have a secret.  I love secrets! I can't wait to start sewing stuff, but now I can't even let them see what I make until the baby is born.  I hope they don't get mad that we know.  It was quite obvious though.  We even have to edit the ultrasound before we upload the video to them so they don't mistakenly see. 

We have a friend who is a hypno therapist and she's agreed to come and "condition" Ashley to be able to use hypnosis during the birth.  We used a form of self hypnosis with Emma (hypno-babies) and it was amazing! Ash thinks the hypnosis and the birth/labor tub will hopefully keep her drug free during this birth also.  I'm such a wimp when it comes to pain.  I'm amazed at her strength and ability to tolerate birth the way she did with Emma and still want to do it again.  We have our doula all set up and the boys are so excited for the birth.  I'm going to sew some kind of a "labor" skirt for Ash to wear that will keep her girly parts out of sight.  She spent her time in the tubs with Emma in just a sports bra and she's so modest that I want to try to keep her comfortable with the guys being in the room with us.  They were so cute and sweet about wanting to make sure she knows that they don't want to invade her private space.  Anyone who has been in a room of someone giving birth knows that as much as you try not to see private parts it's probably going to happen.  Anyone have any fabulous labor skirt ideas? I'm thinking a soft gauzy fabric that will be almost weightless in water.  Nothing too clingy like silk and I need to make 2 so we can keep one dry to take to the hospital when she decides to go.  We have a labor pool here that she'll use during early labor if she needs it.  It's getting so close I better get to sewing soon. 


Jeff and Kevin said...

I have never heard of labor pools or doulas but I did catch that drug free thing. Whoa! Ash is a rockstar :)

Krystal said...

Yep, definitely a rock star! I don't want an epidural either, but I'm not so sure I won't change my mind in the moment. :)

Anonymous said...

Rock star for SURE! Megan is having the baby at a Birthing Inn and is going to do the same thing. I am in AWE OF ALL OF YOU! LOL! SO GLAD to hear that Ash is healthy and doing well.

Merr said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and holy cow! I thought I was the only Lesbian Surrogate in Utah!! What a small world! How cool! We should totally chat!

paradykes said...

Hi Merr, Ash friended you on FB tonight, we're also part of the gay parenting group that you organize. We should get together, where are you in your journey? Are you through an agency? Do you have a blog?

Merr said...

I got Ash's friend request and noticed that you are in our GLPU. What the heck? Why haven't you come? I have had one failed transfer with one couple, and one failed match with another. Just waiting to find the right couple! I am with a few agencies right now and also looking into going INDY. Yes I do have a blog. It is private so if you send me your e-mail, I can send you an invite to read. My e-mail is