Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This past Monday was our 7 year anniversary. We had one of the most amazing evenings.  We got dressed up and went to a swanky little bistro for dinner.  You know the kind, where you leave kinda hungry because the servings are tiny but oh so pretty. Although neither of us actually left hungry, it was soooo good. A little steak & lobster for me and Ash had steak also which means.... pregnancy makes her crave red meat! It's so strange, we very rarely eat red meat, I don't buy beef (unless it's short ribs and those are so small they just don't count). While Ash was preggo with the surro baby she craved hamburgers, which is really weird because she hates ground beef. Not just any burger though, it had to be a 5 guys burger, they are so thin they aren't quite ground beefish feeling in the mouth.

Soooo Ash has decided that she does not want to go to hospital with this birth. I don't remember if I ever went into detail on the surro baby birth but things kinda went haywire in the end and because he was so early she had to deliver in the surgical suite and our ex-dr wouldn't allow our doula to go with us so Ash ended up with an epidural while she was fully dilated because a bitchy nurse asked her if she wanted one during a contraction.  We had planned on a home birth with Emma but Ash spiked a fever so we went to the hospital but still had an amazing unmedicated birth and most of the time was spent laboring in a tub. So that's the plan this time, we're interviewing home birth midwives, we're using our amazing doula that has been with us since Emma, and we have another hospital certified midwife set up that has actually said she would entertain the idea of a home birth with us if Ash stays low risk. So keep your fingers crossed for us.

Also, many people say it's a boy but I'm thinking girl. I don't know why, I just have a feeling and I've been right the last few times so........

Oh ya, and we told our families! We knew we didn't have long before someone put it all together. Ash can't be around food much right now and that usually only happens when she's preggo. So we went to my parents house and had Emma wearing a shirt that says "big sister" on it and it took a bit for my parents to understand but they finally got it.  Ashley's mom on the other hand was amazing! She wanted to skype for a few minutes so we put Emma up in front of the camera wearing her shirt and Katie could have gone through the roof, it was so cute! She is so excited and Ashleys little sister is also expecting her 1st baby exactly 1 month before us. It's so exciting!!!


Mark said...

All good things!
I wish you had that Skype conversation on video.
Happy Anniversary!

A baby for you said...

Happy Anniversary! I wish you and Ashley success with the home birth... although you have a ways to go yet :)

Babydreams2011 said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I had a midwife deliver my oldest son and it was AMAZING!!! I labored at a birthing center with my 2nd and after 3 days had to have an emergency c-section, but she was still allowed to stay in the room with me, the OB was awesome.. I LOVE midwives!!! So happy for you both!!

Doug and Bill said...

Isn't it fun telling family and friends? We just opened the door and showed someone the nursery without saying anything and they said, "is this for real? you aren't joking??" "Umm, do you think we'd buy a few thousand dollars worth a furniture and baby stuff just to freak people out??" Congratulations you two (three, I mean, four)...looking forward to hearing more how this goes, including the birth! Our surro wants a 100% natural birth in hospital, with doula, FYI.

Mike and Tony said...

You guys are so cute!

Ellen said...


I am a PhD Student in Paris, France and do a research on surrogate mothers. I was wondering if you might be interested to participate in my study? it would imply me sending her through email several questionnaires (3) and a consent form. It would be anonymous. I already have met with several surros but the more the better for the research. Let me know if you'd would be interested in that. I can answer all your questions too.

Take care !

Ellen Lorenceau
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