Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where to start??

It's been far too long since I've blogged last. So many things happened that I meant to blog about and just as soon as I was set to write, something else happened.  Some great, some crappy, some Amazing.

Amazing first, we are still expecting an amazing baby! We had our 12 week appointment this week and baby is growing right on target, perfect size, little legs, little arms, there really are no words to describe seeing this tiny little being on an ultrasound, to see it's tiny little heart flutter, it's arms and legs move around. I'm already in love.

Some crappy, I spent a few days in the hospital with a stupid kidney stone that decided it was too good to leave my body so it held on for dear life. A quick surgery and a few days of recovery and all is almost well, another procedure and I'll be back at 100%.

Some great, for spring break my beautiful baby girl Maddie surprised us all and just showed up at my door with her girlfriend. I thought they were just going to hang out in Oregon but they headed here and spent an amazing week with us.

Some crappy, our beloved SUV is a piece of crap! Well, it's not really, it's an awesome vehicle, it's a Suzuki XL7 and really I love this thing, seating for seven (without being a mini van), heated seats (yes, my tushi needs heat on cold winter days) and it's so comfortable to travel in. Unfortunately Suzuki's are expensive to fix and the owners manual doesn't tell you things like only take it to a Suzuki dealership to change the oil because it requires special oil filters that jiffy lube type places don't carry but don't tell you that you need something different so after 3 years of changing our oil at the wrong place our engine was full of sludge and muck! Anyways a few thousand dollars later we're hoping our car is going to be back to normal just as soon as we get it back next week.

I guess it all evens out in the end. We take the bad with the good and are grateful for the good in our lives.


Jeni said...

Boo on the bad but hooray for a whole lot of good!

Mark said...

But at least you're getting healthy again and the baby is doing well. That's really all that matters.

Melissa said...

Happy to see a post from you! The great news is awesome the bad news is a bummer but you seem to have a positive attitude

Doug and Bill said...

Agree with Mark. You could be worried about so many other things than a crappy car. 12 weeks, wow!!

Mike and Tony said...

12 weeks? Time flies!! I sure hope Ash is feeling well, sorry to hear about all the YUCK : (