Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monumental Day

What an amazing day for the LGBT community!!

Yes, I'm back... I think anyways

Life around here has been pretty crazy for the last year.  I'll give a quick breakdown

Ashley gave birth to our amazing son, Alos Vaughn (we call him Ali) on October 5th, he is perfect, amazing, and has seriously completed our family.

Our beautiful little Emma celebrated her 3rd birthday in November. She gets cuter by the day and she adores her little brother.

We had a devastating home fire the beginning of December, we lost everything we owned but thankfully we were not home at the time or it could have been much worse.

While trying to figure out what we were going to do, we decided it was a push in the direction that we've been wanting for quite a while. Ash got serious about finding a new job and was offered a position in Northern Washington so we moved to our little slice of paradise in March 2013.

We live about 90 minutes North of Seattle on Whidbey Island and it's amazing. It's taken some getting used to, you know living in paradise and all! We live on the very Northern tip of the island by Deception Pass Bridge and although it is becoming over run with tourists this time of year it is BEAUTIFUL!!

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