Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pies & a 1 year old

Note to self:  Do not volunteer to make the pies for Thanksgiving for the next 3 years........... I love to bake, I love to make my gramma's pecan pie every year it's like having her with us at Thanksgiving again so I always make one for our family dinner.  This year I volunteered to make pecan, pumpkin and a pumpkin cheesecake, am I outta my mind? Last night I did the pecan and what a treat it was trying to keep Emma entertained while i made dough and the filling.  It turned out pretty good.  Today I'm doing pumpkin while she's napping and I'll do the cheesecake tonight if she cooperates.  She's too young to help but doesn't want to be left out of the fun.  I've tried moving her chair into the kitchen with me and giving her misc. toys and kitchen stuff measuring spoons, bowls but it only lasts for short periods.  Last night I had to resort to cookies and her favorite apple juice :D I'll try and post pics of them once I get them all completed. 

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Mark said...

Lucky for me, I guess, that I don't cook. When we had babies/toddlers, I would keep them busy while Fred was in the kitchen cooking away. But I do clean and that was always a chore with little ones around.
I don't know, give it another try next year and if it's still bad, then give up. You may find that it's a little easier.
By the way, those pies sound great. How did they taste?
Your Friend, m.