Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prom Dress Shopping

I was fortunate enough today to get to take my 17 year old daughter shopping for her prom dress.  Now, I know to many moms shopping with their 17 year old for a prom dress would not be that exciting. For me it was, because my daughter lives 12 hours away. I've never gotten to go shopping with her for a formal dress. She moved in with her dad 8 years ago when I was a tad bit unstable and unable to care for anyone but myself and I didn't even do that very well.  Luckily I never lost custody as I have an amazing ex-husband who helped me get sober and back on my feet. Ash and I fly her down as often as possible usually every 90 days or so and for a month during the summer.  I never imagined dress shopping would be as amazing as it was, We hit every store in a 30 mile radius and tried on tons of dresses.  We finally settled on the most beautiful short dress that is accented with peacock feathers at the waist. It's perfect as the theme of her dance is Alice in Wonderlands Mad Hatters Tea Party. She's going to be a beautiful vision, I only wish I was able to help her with her hair and make-up before she goes.

Runner Up

Runner Up

The Winner!


Mark said...

No pictures? You're killing me!!!
Please post some pictures of her whenever you get them. And yes, it does sound right for the party.
And how brave of you to admit your own short-comings.
Your Friend, m.

Krystal said...

Oooohhhh!!! I LOVE the winning dress!! It goes PERFECTLY with the theme! I get so excited about stuff like this, hehe!

BellaDaddy said...

SIGH,. I have a long way to go for prom dress with my kid...but I DO LOVE the shopping part- NOW! LOL

Thanks for sharing such a personal touch.

&...agree with Krystal...LOVE the chosen dress!